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About Research Energy of Ohio

About REO

Since the introduction of Sequential Blasting in 1972, Research Energy of Ohio, Inc. (REO) has been recognized worldwide for its quality of design, manufacture, and value where safe and precise blasting results are expected.

We offer electronic sequential blasting machines and accessories, single circuit blasting machines, ohmmeters, and energy testers. Our equipment is used in mining, quarrying, construction, demolition, and pipeline projects around the world.

REO is the sole manufacturer of NSN rated CD450-4JM blasting machine and BO199.9-1M ohmmeter.

The REO brand is respected in the commercial blasting industry, and among EOD and Electric Breeching teams globally. 

Founded by Richard E. Walker in 1969, his patented systems and methods revolutionized the blasting industry.

We provide blasting machines and related equipment

Research Energy of Ohio is currently developing tech for     non-electric blasting (e.g. shock tube, det cord) 

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Aswan River Project: 1984

The Aswan II River Flood Control Dam, located on the Nile River near Aswan, Egypt, was a modern reconstruction project approved by the Arab Republic of Egypt Ministry of Electricity and the Qattara Hydroelectric and Renewable Energy Resource Projects Authority. REO was proud to be a part of this massive, historic project which provided a major energy supply for Egypt's modernization needs.

Thick, sand-layered granite formations were blasted out of the river bed to provide new water control and direction. Accurate electric millisecond delay blasting caps, in conjunction with the REO BM-175-10ST, provided strict safety and vibration control for daily production blasting adjacent to the historic Aswan II Dam. A Research Energy engineering team went directly from the U.S.A. to Aswan to assist and train French and Egyptian blasting crews in the use of the BM175-10ST and associated modern blasting techniques. Drilling and blasting engineering and execution was provided by AGAT, Cairo, a joint venture of Grand Travaux's De Marseille (GTM) of France.

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