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Military EOD, UXO and De-Mining Operations


This TEN-CIRCUIT power distribution switch is designed for blasting in underground metal and other mines where separate room and pillar operations occur, as well as separated mulit-bench operations. Law enforcement and military demolition experts will appreciate its usefulness for multi-target use by providing selection of up to ten separate targets using a single manual switch. The rugged water resistant enclosure, heavy duty cable connector and heavy duty terminals provide years of service. The power distribution switch contains no batteries or other type of power source.

TB15 Terminal Board is a compact, durable, rugged, lightweight printed circuit design with 10 pairs of hookup terminals for up to 10 circuits. A socket is provided for connecting extension cables. The AD Load Plug provides the shunting requirement during connection of the detonators to the terminal board. In addition, the terminal board provides convenient Load Plug storage.



Small, Powerful, Lightweight 130 ohm Blasting Machine. Blaster's Ohmmeter - Land Mine Demolition.

Model CD450-4J-M


FIRES UP TO 65 DETONATORS: Commercial or military, 2 ohm wired in a single series, 12 ohm max. lead line, based on 20 mj/ohm delivered in 5 ms.
POCKET SIZE: 4.1" X 2.2" X 3.6" (10.5 X 5.6 X 9.0 cm)
RELIABLE: Blasting machine will not fire or discharge until fully charged to design voltage.
LIGHTWEIGHT: 10 oz. (0.3 kg.)
ENVIRONMENTALLY SEALED: Water and corrosion resistant delrin case.
FAST CHARGE: 1-3 second charge time using one 9V alkaline battery.
LONG BATTERY LIFE: Provides more than 150 charge-fire cycles.
MILITARY RATED. NSN: 1375-01-417-7104
COLOR: Yellow or Military O.D. (Olive Drab)
ENERGY: 450 volts, 4 joules
MODELS: CD450-4J (Yellow), CD450-4J-M (Olive Drab)

Also See Energy Tester

Model ET4J-1


Large easy-to-read digital display, user friendly. Speeds up circuit check-out and provides vital information necessary to assure a successful blast. Displays up to 199.9 ohms in 0.1 ohm increments.


Model BO199.9-1-M


LOW BATTERY DRAIN: Provides a battery life of more than 2000 hours of tester operations.

POCKET SIZE: 4.1" x 1.3 " x 3.6" (10.5 x 3.4 x 9.0 cm.)

LIGHTWEIGHT: 8 oz. (0.23 kg.)

RELIABLE: Long battery life, rugged, water resistant enclosure and heavy duty terminals provide years of service.

DELRIN CASE: No switches. Automatic on/off.

MILITARY RATED. NSN: 6625-01-465-7878

COLOR: Yellow or Military O.D. (Olive Drab)

MODELS: BO1999.9-1 (Yellow) BO199.9-1-M (Olive Drab)

Manual for the CD450-4J-M Blasting Machine,  Adobe Acrobat Reader format

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Other than color, Military units are identical to commercial product specifications (Please see REO Blasting Products Catalog).


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