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Operation Manuals & Service/Repair

Operation Manuals for Selected Blasting Equipment

For your convenience, REO provides OPERATION MANUALS for some of our current blasting machines and related equipment. These manuals are in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format and may be downloaded and printed for your own use or for distribution purposes. The manuals include operating instructions for the applicable accessory equipment (such as ohmmeters) for each blasting machine model.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader here

1 Manual for the BM175-10PT Series Blasting Machine
2 Manual for the CD1000-9J and CD1500-10J M Blasting Machine
3 Manual for the CD225-2J and CD450-4J M Blasting Machine
4 Manual for the CD450A-22J Blasting Machine
5 Manual for the CD450B-50J M Blasting Machine
6 Manual for the CD600B-100J Blasting Machine
7 Manual for the BO199.9-1 Blaster's Ohmmeter
8 Manual for the BO1999-1 Blaster's Ohmmeter
9 Manual for the BO1999-10 Blaster's Ohmmeter

Service and Repair 

Research Energy of Ohio, Inc. distributed equipment must be repaired only at the factory to ensure quality workmanship and to update the equipment to current production standards. Exact replacement parts must be used. Each piece of equipment repaired is subjected to the same quality control tests as new production. Such procedures, exact replacement parts and the specialized test equipment required is not available in the field or at other generalized repair shops.

If repair is required, please return the item with shipping charges prepaid to the factory at the address listed below. Include a note or letter describing the problem and include the name and telephone number of the person(s) knowledgeable of the problem.

Research Energy of Ohio, Inc.
200 East Bluegrass Dr
Norwalk, Ohio 44857
Phone: (419) 660-8832
Fax: (419) 660-8833

E-mail: repair@researchenergy.com

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