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Sequential Blasting Machines | Research Energy of Ohio

Sequential blasting

The REO BM175-10PT Sequential Blasting Machine is an easy-to-use programmable timing machine meeting the special requirements of bench blasting operations where precise millisecond/microsecond accuracy is critical.

Programmable timing permits the blaster to take full advantage of the greater accuracies to achieve better fragmentation and to control ground vibration.

This blasting machine is of solid-state capacitor-discharge design with 10 output (cap) circuits.



The BM175 fires the cap circuits one after the other sequentially at pre-selected time intervals for 1 to 999 milliseconds in 1 millisecond increments.

This model has a cable receptacle on the top panel and requires an EC15 series Extension Cable and TB15 Terminal Board to connect to the detonator lead lines.

The following list of equipment and accessories represents the typical REO Sequential Blasting Machine basic system:

1) BM175-10PT Blasting Machine
2) TB15 Terminal Board
3) EC15AW-500 Extension Cable
4) AD5 Load Plug
5) ET175-10 Energy Tester
6) BO1999-10 Blaster's Ohmmeter


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